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Since 1994, Morley Machine Tool Alignment has provided laser calibration, metrology equipment, and measurement services to a variety of industries in the US and internationally.

During the construction of the 1,500 seat Sun Valley Summer Symphony Amphitheater in Sun Valley, Idaho, we were asked to measure and analyze the 3D geometry of the theater's structural framework. The design offered many complex curves and cross member support joints at different angles; a task that traditional tape measuring and plumb lines simply could not record accurately. The theater's two giant steel arch trusses were built with four 10" diameter pipes and a series of inter-welded support trusses. Since these supports would be connected to steel cables for the overhead canopy, they were attached at different angles and on a changing radius, proving difficult to measure their positions accurately for welding.

Thanks to our FARO Tracker, we could map the location of each welded connection. Measurements were only needed to be taken from a single position. With incredible accuracy, our team identified and recorded each point for welding, helping to ensure they were as close as possible to the nominal values specified in the drawing tolerances. Not only were all pipe bending and welding locations amazingly accurate, but the FARO Tracker provided significant ROI in terms of time savings for the Sun Valley project. Moving forward, all future inspections on the theater are performed with the FARO Laser Tracker in a matter of hours. We provided the customer with a detailed electronic report of the location, easily identifying problematic support areas so they can be quickly repaired and/or recalibrated.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment Inc. in Milton Washington specializes in this type of work. We are conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma Washington. Contact Us For A Quote Today!

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